What is IAGC

What is IAGC

IAGC is the international trade association representing the industry that provides geophysical services geophysical data acquisition, seismic data ownership and licensing, geophysical data processing and interpretation, and associated service and product providers) to the oil and gas industry.


IAGCs Mission and Vision

IAGC's mission represents why we are here.  It is memorialized in our Bylaws and is:

To optimize the business climate and commercial health of the geophysical industry, and to promote the conduct of business in a professional, safe, and environmentally responsible manner.

IAGC's vision describes how we go about achieving our mission.  Like our Mission, it is memorialized in our Bylaws and is:

To be a focused, efficient, and effective international trade association, adding value through commercial and government advocacy, and the development and promotion of standards and best practices.


How IAGC Adds Value

In our case we are a group of competing companies and businesses from the geophysical industry. We gather in the safe harbor of the association to work on issues of common interest.

  • Involvement comes through qualifying for membership, paying a portion of the cost of maintaining the association, and participating in the activities of the association.
  • Members share common economic interests, so that they are aligned in their purpose.  
  • Trade associations are the accepted place where competitors can gather to work common issues, and if properly conducted, do so without the presumption of a violation of antitrust or competition laws.

Why gather together to work issues of common interest?

  • We can speak with one voice, and when we do so, our collective voice is louder than any individual voice, and therefore more influential.

    • Government officials look for industries to narrow their individual members positions to a consensus position and to speak with one voice.  That is the traditional role of a trade association, and makes us the one generally welcomed and invited spokesman for our industry.  Any commercial message delivered by IAGC provides some degree of anonymity to each individual member and carries the weight of all  
    • The challenge is to channel the voice towards the issues and areas that have the greatest chance of providing maximum value back to the membership 
  • By pooling resources, the geophysical industry can more effectively work issues of common interest.

    • Individually, we might not have the wherewithal, ability or inclination to work a common issue - why do so and benefit your competitor as well as your company?
    • Resources are both money, generally in the form of dues, and members time  
    • Laws provide safe harbor from taxes
  • We work on issues that affect the core businesses of the geophysical industry: data acquisition, data processing and data ownership.  These are tidal issues, and the boat of everyone (either directly engaged in these core businesses, or providing goods or services to those who are in these core businesses) rides on that same tide.

How does IAGC work the Industry's Issues?

  • It provides structure for members to work on common issues.  This structure takes the form, among others, of global committees and the chapters and their committees. Examples of global committees include:

    • Global HSSE Steering Committee, which undertakes activities such as updating the safety manuals, developing new guidelines such as the recent watercraft guidelines, and working with the OGP on coordination with their HSE efforts.  
    • Global Data Licensing Committee, which ensures that the association positions on data ownership issues are consistent, identifies new trends that need addressing, etc.  
    • Marine Mammal Workgroup, which is the core competency group within IAGC that takes the global lead on marine mammal issues.  
  • It is through this structure that IAGC activities are conducted.  Ultimately, IAGC is its members.
  • The primary function of IAGC staff is to facilitate the processes that go on within the IAGC structure - not to provide staff support to every committee and initiative undertaken by IAGC.

    • IAGC has a minimal staff, including three full time professionals (the President and Vice Presidents of Projects and Issue and of Marine Environment), and three administrative staff, one of which is full time and two of which are part time (Office Administrator/Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and EAME Office Manager). Link to staff

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