OGP 351 - Helicopter Guidelines for Land Seismic & Helirig Operations

Representatives from OGP, IAGC and helicopter companies met in September 2006 to review and revise OGP’s Helicopter Guidelines for Safety in seismic operations, in particular, land seismic operations.  The risk associated with helicopter support for land seismic operations is much higher than any other helicopter related operation.
Fatal Accidents / Million Hours Flying:
  • 0.6 for commercial airplane
  • 6.4 for offshore helicopter
  • 23.0 for helicopter support for seismic operations!
The review of OGP 351 – Helicopter Guidelines for Seismic Operations, began with an IAGC and OGP joint workshop held on 5 & 6 September 2006 in Houston, Texas. The focus of the review was helicopter safety in land seismic operations.An initial proposed final draft was circulated in late 2007.

A new proposed final draft was prepared and was circulated to the IAGC Global HSE & Security Steering Committee members on September 24, 2008 requesting their review and comments. Jeff Howell of Global Geophysical Services and IAGC representative on the OGP task group updating OGP 351, presented the final draft for IAGC member approval. The final draft was unanimously approved.
The IAGC Board of Directors accepted the IAGC Global HSE & Security Steering Committee's approval at their June 4th, 2009 meeting.
IAGC Board of Directors - 4 June 2009 Meeting Board Discussion Document
Helicopter Guidelines for Land Seismic and Helirig Operations September 22, 2008 Final Draft/Final Approved
Helicopter Guidelines for Land Seismic Operations November 28, 2007 Draft

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