IAGC Membership

Membership Classes:

IAGC membership has two classes of active membership: core members and supporting members, which are defined below. Certain individuals may also be granted honorary membership status.


CORE: Any Geophysical company that satisfies the requirements of paragraphs 1., 2. and 3. below:

  1. The company is a member in good standing at the formula dues level for core members.
  2. The company's primary business is one or more of the following:
    • Geophysical data acquisition contractor;
    • Geophysical data processing contractor; or
    • Owner and supplier of multi-client geophysical data for license.
  3. The company is:
    • Not owned by a government or an oil and gas exploration and production company (E&P company); or
    • Owned by a government or an E&P company and:
      • Receives at least 35  percent of its revenues (from geophysical products and services) from sources other than its owner(s) or other companies or government agencies affiliated with its owner(s), measured on the basis of a “rolling” average for the last three 12-month periods that have been closed and reported; and
      • Maintains a viable, ongoing business providing geophysical goods and services outside its home country.

SUPPORTING: Companies who are members in good standing at the formula dues level for supporting members and who either:

  • Meet the core member definition but elect not to participate at the dues level for Core Members; or
  • Provide geophysical industry products and services to other IAGC members or to E & P companies.
HONORARY: An Honorary member shall be any person of good character and standing who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has rendered an outstanding and distinguished service in furthering the mission of IAGC and the health and well being of the geophysical industry. Selection and appointment of an Honorary member shall be by action of the Board of Directors of IAGC. Honorary members shall not be required to pay dues to IAGC, and shall have no voting rights.


For the core dues formula, the current supporting dues schedule and other information about IAGC dues, click here.


 If you feel you qaulify for IAGC Membership and would like to apply you may fill out this form and we will contact you to confirm your membership

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