Marine Geophysical Safety Manual - Update to v10

Marine Geophysical Safety Manual – Update to v10

The current version of the IAGC Marine Safety Manual, (v9) was last updated in 2004. Since then HSE safety issues and procedures have evolved, security related issues have become more important, new technologies have been taken up and OGP 317 (Managing HSE in a Geophysical Contract) has been updated. A Marine Safety Manual Update Workgroup was established to review and develop an updated manual – v10.
Workgroup Members
Name Company
Graham Nicholls CGGVeritas
Danny Garcia Fairfield Industries
Bernie Morillo Fugro
Scott Platz ION Geophysical
Brian Thorne PGS
Pablo Coleman WesternGeco
Mike Covil Editor
The process of updating the manual began by IAGC – as well as OGP – member company HSE professionals being asked to submit suggested updates to a Forums page on the IAGC website. The suggested updates were then transferred to an Excel Spreadsheet that also had the v9 (i.e. “as is” text) and the Workgroup members were instructed to review the v9 text and the suggested updates and insert their recommended changes to the manual on the spreadsheet. Mike Covil has been retained to act as Editor – taking the Workgroup recommended changes and developing drafts of v10 that will be circulated to the IAGC Global HSE & Security Steering Committee members for their review and approval. Charlie Jeffrey (PGS) – Chairman of the IAGC Global HSE & Security Steering Committee – has set a goal to have a 1st draft for Committee members to review by the end of the Q1 2010.
Workgroup Meetings

LondonWorkshop–24, 25 September 2009

Editors revisions to manual based on workshop – deletions/additions

HoustonWorkshop–27, 28 January 2010


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