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Geophysical operations take place throughout the world, on land, sea and in areas between the two. They are carried out in terrains varying from deserts to mountains, in shallow and deep water regions, and even near centers of population.

The range of geophysical operation which are undertaken vary greatly, and may include the use of facilities and equipment such as seismic vessels, airboats, a range of different types of vehicle, airguns, explosives, seismic streamers and much more.

Whenever a geophysical operation is planned, due consideration should be given to the potential risks to company and contractor personnel, third parties and the environment associated with the operation to be undertaken.

This webpage provides reference to a range of key documents for the use of the geophysical community which should provide a sound basis for the development and implementation of a sound HS&E management system for geophysical operations.

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Health Safety Environment
  • Safety Auditing: Strategy and use for the E&P Industry.
    OGP Report#149 May 1989 - £6
  • Guidelines for Environmental Protection:
  • Guidelines on the Use of Workboats in Marine Geophysical Operations
  • Land Transportation Safety Recommended Practice.
    OGP Report#365 Apr 2005 – FD


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