HSSE Steering Committee Overview

HSSE is a cornerstone of IAGC, a reality which is reflected in IAGC’s Mission and Vision, both of which are institutionalized in IAGC's Bylaws.

IAGC's Global HSSE Steering Committee manages IAGC's HSE agenda, initiatives, communications, etc.



HSSE Committees:

Environment Committee
Sound & Marine Life Committee
Small Boat Committee
Security Committee


Current Workgroups:

Line Clearance
Life-Saving Rules
Performance Data


Past Activities:

Electromagnetic Committee
Safety Manuals Updates
Minimum Offset Distances
Aviation - Land Seismic (w/OGP)
OGP 351 (w/OGP) 
OGP 317 (w/OGP)
OGP 291 (w/OGP) 
IMCA Audits



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