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IAGC Safety Manuals Ed. 10

The tenth edition (2011) of the IAGC Safety Manual for Geophysical Operations - produced in two volumes, one for land operations and the other for marine operations - is considered the standard for safety throughout the geophysical industry.  The two volumes provide comprehensive safety guidelines for all types of field crew environments.

Low Impact Seismic Exploration:  In search of New Oil and Gas Supplies

Year: 2004, 18 Minutes
*Video is available FREE of charge.
Menu-driven and when activated, plays a series of narrated video clips, animations, and photographs, all produced to educate a broad audience on the true nature of our onshore operations.

You may click here to view the video on youtube.

Echoes in the Wilderness - An in-depth look at the impact of oil exploration on the land we share

Year: 2004, 30 mins

*Video is available FREE of charge.

Chronicles some of the struggles of the geophysical industry as we try to conduct our near zero impact operations on federal lands in the Western US.
WesternGeco generously produced this in (mostly) generic form and have given it to IAGC.

Marine Geophysical Operations: An Overview

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Year: 2009, 6 Chapters
*Video is available FREE of charge. 

"Marine Geophysical Operations: An Overview" provides an overview of marine geophysical operations using short videos, animations, and narrative explanations. The CD provides general information regarding marine geophysical operations in terms appropriate for non-technical audiences. Topics such as the acquisition of marine seismic data, description of seismic sources, deployment of equipment, and the different types of seismic surveys are presented on the CD. In addition, the CD includes sections on environmental management, scientific research conducted by Industry related to the sound and marine life issue, and seismic as part of the E&P cycle. The CD will be a valuable tool for educating government agency representatives, the media, the public, scientists, non-technical Industry personnel, and other stakeholders about marine geophysical operations.

You may click here to view the chapters on youtube

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