Fisheries Liaison Officers

The DTI requires that each company that conducts marine operations should identify a FLO (Fisheries Liaison Officer) to represent that company as the initial point of contact between it and other involved organisations.

The following are the nominated FLOs for their company.  Where an alternate has been nominated, their names are in brackets.

Company Name Fax Number E-mail
CGG Robert C. Mogg +33 1 64 47 30 00
Fugro Survey Andrew Morse +44 1224 211860
Gardline Nigel Williams
(Mark Dickson)
+44 1493 852106
PGS Rob Adams +44 1932 266552
TGS Rob Atkinson +44 1234 272408
Wavefield Inseis AS Rick Donoghue +44 1293
WesternGeco Derek Read
(Terry Devine)
+44 1293 556300


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