Geophysical Industry and IAGC Mourns the Loss of a Valued Friend and Colleague



We are deeply saddened to report the passing of Jodie Gillespie, IAGC’s Asia Pacific Chair. She died on her way home October 5, during a flight from Perth to Sydney, Australia.    

Jodie was a Business Development Manager with the Geoscience Division of Fugro, for the Asia Pacific region. She also served IAGC, and the geophysical industry, in a number of roles since early 2011, as Chair of the Asia Pacific Chapter, member of the Board of Directors, and member of the Board Executive Committee.

Jodie Gillespie earned a BSc from the University of Sydney in 1994. She centered her career on exploration and experienced many facets of the exploration business.

She had a passion for working in emerging nations to develop their hydrocarbon potential.

Helen Anderson of Fugro said, “Jodie will be remembered as a very beautiful woman both inside and out, with an impressive ability to care for the well-being of all around her even when she was on the run - as well as her outstanding professional skills and commitment to our industry.”

Following the family's suggestion, IAGC has made a donation in Jodie's honour to the “Jodie Gillespie Memorial Fund” at the Hunter Medical Research Institute.  For any wishing to likewise do so, go to the secure website and click 'donate now'.

You can see more in OilEcho and OilVoice.  And follow these links to see the letter of condolonces sent to Jodie's family by the Executive Committee of IAGC's Asia Pacific Chapter and the e-mail sent on behalf of IAGC by President Chip Gill, which has been added to the collection of memories of Jodie collected by her Fugro collegues and presented to the family.

Jodie will be greatly missed.

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