Americas Chapter Overview

To carry out its mission and vision, IAGC has divided the globe into three separate regions, and it manages its affairs through Chapters which cover each region.  These Chapters are:  Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Africa and Middle East (EAME).  Each Chapter is governed by a chairman, who comes from a core member company.

Some issues or topics are more global in nature, spanning more than one Chapter.  As these global issues often benefit from coordination across the Chapters and from the attention of the global business managers, IAGC also works through a number of Global Committees.

The Americas Chapter is staffed out of IAGC's Headquarters office.

Chapter Chairman:  Tim Brooks, CGG
Chapter Vice Chairman:  Currently Vacant

To view the organizational chart for the Americas Chapter, please click here.
Americas Chapter Committees:  
Brazil Committee Country committee dealing with all industry issues in Brazil.
Data Licensing Committee The Data Licensing Committee monitors industry, governmental and legal developments relating to data disclosure and confidentiality regulations, intellectual property rights and licensing practices as they affect the non-exclusive geophysical data
  ADLC - BOEM Sub-Committee
  ADLC - Canada Sub-Committee
Eastern U.S./Gulf Coast Committee Americas government affairs sub-committee for the region.
Executive Committee None Currently Established
Offshore Committee Issues related to marine geophysical crew operations.
Western and U.S. Lands Access Committee Americas government affairs sub-committee for the region.

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