Abbreviations and Acronyms

Term Definition
AAPG American Association of Petroleum Geologists
ACCOBAMS Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic Area
ADNOC Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
ADSL Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (faster Internet access ~300Kps)
AFE Authorization for Expenditure
AFEN Atlantic Frontier Environment Network (UK)
AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIOC Azerbaijan International Oil Company
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALGOL Algorithmic Oriented Language (computer language)
AMJIG Atlantic Margin Joint Industry Group (UK)
ANSI American National Standards Insitute
ANWR Alaska National Wildlife Refuge
API American Petroleum Institute
APPEA Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
ARPEL Regional Association of Oil and Natural Gas Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Exchange
ASCOBANS Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic and North Sea
ASCOPE ASEAN Council on Petroleum
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
ASEG Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
AVO Amplitude Variation with Offset
BCF BromoChlorodiFlouromethane (Halon 1211 Fire Retardant)
BLM Bureau of Land Management (USA Gov. Agency)
BOE Barrels of oil equivalent
BOSIET Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (UK)
BPI Bytes Per Inch
BRINDEX The Association of British Independent Oil Exploration Companies
BROA British Rig Owners Association
BST British Summer Time
BTM Bromotriflouromethane = Halon 1301 (flood systems)
BTU British Thermal Unit (equals 1054.4 joule)
CAA Clean Air Act (USA Environmental Legislation)                                              back to top
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAGC Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors
CAPP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity (International treaty 1992)
CDP Common Depth Point
CEN European committee on Standardization (Chambre Syndicate de la Recherche et de la Production du Petrole)
CFC's Chlorofluorocarbons
CHARM Chemical Hazard and Risk Management
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (of flora and fauna)
CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (Human form of mad cow disease)
CMP Common Mid Point
CNPC Chinese National Petroleum Corporation
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language (computer language)
CONCAWE Oil Companies European Organisation for Environmental and Health Protection
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (UK Regulation)
CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRINE Cost Reduction in the New Era (UK)
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CZMA Coastal Zone Management Act (USA Environmental Legislation)
DANI Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland
DEAL Digital Energy Atlas & Library (UK).
DEFRA Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs (UK)
DETR Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions (UK)
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System or Dynamic Global Positioning System
DMO Dip Move Out
DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid
DOS Disc Operating System
DTI Department of Trade and Industry (UK)
EAME Europe, Africa, Middle East
EAR Expired Air Resuscitation
EC European Community
ECC External Cardiac Compression
EDM Electronic Distance Measurement
EDTC European Diving Technology Committee
EI Energy Institute (UK based)                                                                          back to top
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EMAS Environmental Management and Audit Scheme
EMS Environmental Management System
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EU European Union
EUROPIA European Petroleum Industry Association
FAR Fatal Accident Rate
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FLO Fisheries Liaison Officer
FLR Fisheries Liaison Representative (i.e. professional fisheries)
FOOCG Fisheries and Offshore Oil Consultative Group (UK)
FPSO Floating Production, Storage and Offtake
FRC Fast Rescue Craft
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GGM Global Geopotential Model
GHG Greenhouse Gases
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GPR Ground Penetrating Radar
GPS Global Positioning System
HDDR High Density Data Recording
HEMP Hazards and Effects Management Process
HF High Frequency
HFC'S Hydrofluorocarbons
HFE Human Factors Engineering
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HLO Helicopter Landing Officer
HMCG Her Majesty’s Coast Guard (UK)
HRA Hazard Risk Assessment
HSE Health, Safety, Environment
HSE Health and Safety Executive (UK Regulator)
HSWA Health and Safety at Work Act (UK Law)
HTML Hyper Text Mark-up Language
HUET Helicopter Underwater Evacuation Training
IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors                                           back to top
IAGC International Association of Geophysical Contractors
IAGSA International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association
IBAMA Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente (Brazilian environmental agency)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICOE International Council for Oil and the Environment
ICPC International Cable Protection Committee
IGPOL Industrial Group on the Protection of the Ozone Layer
IFP Instantaneous Floating Point
IGY International Geophysical Year (1957/1958)
IHO International Hydrographic Association
ILO International Labour Organization (founded 1919) (UN)
IMCA International Marine Contractors Association
IMO International Maritime Organization (U.N. Agency)
IOOA Irish Offshore Operators Association
IOPP International Oil Pollution Prevention (certificate of)
IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (UK)
IP Institute of Petroleum
IPAA International Petroleum Association of America
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN)
IPIECA International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network (digital telephone line)
ISM International Safety Management (IMO code for ships)
ISMA International Ship Managers Association
ISO International Standards Organization
IUCN World Conservation Union
IWC International Whaling Commission
JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK)
JV Joint Venture
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LED Light Emitting Diode
LIFT License Information for Trading (web portal)(UK)
LNG Liquefied natural gas
LOGIC Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness (DTI UK initiative)
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LTI Lost Time Injury                                                                                             back to top
LVL Low Velocity Layer
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (UK)
MARPOL Marine Pollution - International Convention for ships
MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK)
MEL Maximum Exposure Level
MIME Managing Impacts in the Marine Environment
MIP Magnetic Induced Polarization
MMO Marine Mammals Observer
MMPA Marine Mammals Protection Act (USA Environmental Legislation)
MMR Magnetometric Resistivity
MMS Minerals Management Service (USA Regulator)
MOB Man Over Board
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOPO Manual of Permitted Operations
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (used in medical diagnostics)
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MT Magnetotelluric
MTC Medical Treatment Case
NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards (USA legislation)
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health (UK)

NERC National Environment Research Council
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NIOC National Iranian Oil Company
NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service (USA)
NMHC Non Methane Hydrocarbons
NMO Normal Move Out
NNPC Nigerian National Petroleum Company
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA)
NOGEPA Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Produktie Associatie
NORM Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NPD Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
NRDC National Resources Defenses Council (USA)
NRSC National Remote Sensing Centre (UK)
NSOAF North Sea Offshore Authorities Forum
NVQ National Vocational Qualification (UK)
OCA Offshore Contractors Association                                                                 back to top
OCIMF Oil Companies International Marine Forum
OCR Optical Character Reader
ODA Offshore Development Area
OGP International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
OIM Offshore Installation Manager
OLF Norwegian Oil Industry Association (Oljeindustriens Landsforening)
OMSA Offshore Marine Service Association (USA)
ONGC Oil and National Gas Corporation (Indian state owned)
OOC Offshore Operators Committee (USA)
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPITO Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (UK)
OREDA Offshore Reliability and Equipment Databases
OSPAR Oslo and Paris Convention (for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North East Atlantic)
PAME Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment
PCM Pulse Coded Modulation
PDVSA Petroleos de Venezuela SA (state owned)
PEL Permissable Exposure Limits
PESGB Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
PFC'S Perfluorocarbons
PFD Personal Flotation Device
PILOT Not an Acronym, but DTI UK initiative
POB Persons on Board (i.e. crew count)
PON Petroleum Operations Notice (UK)
POSC Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PSA Production Sharing Agreement
PTW Permit to Work
QC Quality Control
QRA Quantitative Risk Assessment
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
RAM Random Access Memory
RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker
RCRA Resource Conservation Recovery Act (USA Environmental Legislation)
RDAU Remote Data Acquisition Unit
RHI Rigid Hull Inflatable
RIR Risk Indentification Report
RNLI Royal National Lifeboat Institute (UK)                                                           back to top
ROV Remote Operated Vehicle
RYA Royal Yachting Association (UK)
SAC Special Areas of Conservation (UK)
SADIE Safety Alert Data Information Exchange (UK)
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SART Search and Rescue Radar Transponder
SCSI Small Computer System Interface (pronounced Scuzzy)
SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists
SEGY Geophysical Data Exchange format introduced by SEG in 1975
SHAPC Safety Health and Personnel Competence (an OGP Committee)
SHCMOEI Safety, Health Commission for the Mining & Other Extractive Industries (Luxembourg)
SIA Social Impact Assessment
SINTEF The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (Norwegian)
SIPS Seismic Integrated Positioning System (used to monitor seismic streamer positioning) (an acoustic system)
SMS Safety Management System
SOAEFD Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment & Fisheries Department
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea - International Convention
SPA Special Protection Area (UK)
SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers
SWFPA Scottish White Fish Producers Association
SWL Safe Working Load
TEMPSC Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft
TLV Threshold Limit Values
TPA Thermal Protective Aids
TQM Total Quality Management
TRA Task Risk Assessment
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act (USA Environmental Legislation)
TZ Transition Zone
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UKCS United Kingdom Continental Shelf
UKOOA United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UK)
UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law at Sea (1982)
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme
UNICE Union of Industrial and Employers Confederations of Europe
USCG United States Coast Guard
USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service                                                          back to top
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UXO Unexploded Ordnance
VDU Visual Display Unit
VHF Very High Frequency
VLF Very Low Frequency
VOC'S Volatile Organic Compounds
VSP Vertical Seismic Profiling
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WCMC World Conservation Monitoring Centre
WOAD Worldwide Offshore Accident Database
YFP Yaciemientos Petroliferos Fiscales (Spanish Oil Company)

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