Marine Environment

There are growing international concerns over the effects of E&P sounds on marine life, particularly sounds from seismic surveys.  And while cetaceans, fish and sea turtles get the most attention, concerns extend much more widely.  In response, governments are increasingly requiring measures to mitigate potential harm to marine life.  These measures can significantly affect our industry's operations and their cost, and they increasingly restrict the E&P industry’s ability to access areas for oil and gas exploration and production.

Together with the E&P industry, IAGC continues to be engaged in the public policy discussions on this issue.  And along with a limited number of visionary E&P companies, we continue to invest in and provide technical support for and oversight of scientific research that is filling the gaps in knowledge and eliminating uncertainty about the possible effects of E&P sound on marine life.  This effort is made possible by the continuing support and participation of IAGC members.  More information can be found on this subject by following the links below.

  • Marine Environment Reference Library - Reference information (downloadable documents, publications, reports, and links to websites) relevant to sound and marine environment related issues.  Library is subdivided into categories for easier navigation.
  • Conferences and Meetings - Calendar of upcoming events (conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings) relevant to Industry sound and marine environment issues.

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