Land and Marine Environment

Environmental issues are a priority for IAGC member companies.  Over the years, IAGC member companies have consistently demonstrated their ability to conduct both land and seismic exploration in an environmentally responsible manner.  Environmental stewardship is an industry value and priority. 

IAGC proactively engages with government agencies in their development of regulations for both land and marine seismic operations.  IAGC also supplies guidance to its members where none exist.


Land Environment

Identification of environmental, cultural, and community sensitive areas are important considerations in the process of planning for land seismic surveys.  In addition, environmental considerations are made for public health and safety; water resources; cultural and paleontological resources; recreation; wildlife; threatened, endangered and sensitive species; and vegetation.


Marine Environment

The geophysical industry is committed to conducting offshore activities in an environmentally responsible manner, including compliance with mitigation and monitoring guidelines and regulations. More than four decades of worldwide seismic surveying and various scientific research indicate that the risk of direct physical injury to marine mammals is extremely low.  In addition, there is no scientific evidence that demonstrates biologically significant negative impacts on marine life populations. Nevertheless, the members of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) support measures that are proportionate to the potential risk and based on the best available science to minimize any potential impact of their operations.

IAGC provides the following guidance documents for its members for marine operations: 

IAGC, along with the oil and gas industry, continues to invest in and provide technical support for and oversight of scientific research to fill gaps in knowledge and eliminate uncertainty about the possible effects of E&P sound on marine life.  This effort is made possible by the continuing support and participation of IAGC members.  


 Marine Environment Committees:  
IAGC Sound & Marine Life Committee The objectives of this committee are to advise on IAGC's position and strategy regarding global marine environment issues and provide all memebers with information/discussion regarding the sound and marine environment subject area.
IAGC Environment Subcommittee  
Joint OGP/IAGC Sound & Marine Life Task Force  


Land and Marine Environment Resources

Land and Marine Environment Fact Sheets:

Land Seismic Videos:

Menu-driven and when activated, plays a series of narrated video clips, animations, and photographs, all produced to educate a broad audience on the true nature of our onshore operations.

**CD is available FREE of charge.

3Mb Sample File - (QuickTime software version 5 or higher required). 13Mb Sample File

Chronicles some of the struggles of the geophysical industry as we try to conduct our near zero impact operations on federal lands in the Western US.

WesternGeco generously produced this in (mostly) generic form and have given it to IAGC.

**CD or Video is available FREE of charge.

**CD or Video is available FREE of charge.

Marine Seismic Videos:


Marine Resources:

Marine Geophysical Operations: An Overview  an educational video

IAGC Guidance Documents, References and Resources in the Marine Environment Area

  • Government Information / Guidance (by Country or Region) - Information on current guidelines, regulations, and mitigation and monitoring requirements for conducting marine seismic surveys in various countries or regions.  Background information and/or an archive of documents related to the regulatory environment or development of guidelines is provided where available.
  • Marine Environment Reference Library - Reference information (downloadable documents, publications, reports, and links to websites) relevant to sound and marine environment related issues.  Library is subdivided into categories for easier navigation.
  • Conferences and Meetings - Calendar of upcoming events (conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings) relevant to Industry sound and marine environment issues.

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